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The new year is here and so are your housing obligations. What home improvements are you considering over the next few months?

Before you consider adding new furniture or fixing that broken tile in the bathroom, consider talking with a roofing contractor. A good roof these days is more than just aesthetic…it’s a potential game-changer for energy bills. Designed to keep the elements at bay and regulate your home’s temperature, a new roof can go a long way in helping your house come together. Pair these with replacement windows and you’ll be saving more money than you thought possible. How does this all work?

Here are a few things you can expect to enjoy when you replace your old, outdated windows and roofing materials.

Did You Know?

You’ll be surprised by some of these statistics on today’s homeowning woes. Recent studies have determined half of a home’s monthly income goes straight to heating and cooling. That’s a big chunk when you also factor in bills, food, utilities, gas, and savings. Another study found that, on average, homeowners will spend between 1% and 5% of a home’s value on maintenance and repairs, which often increase as the house ages. For a $200,000 home that’s at least $2,000 in repairs yearly.

Improve Your Home’s ROI For The Long Haul

The first, and perhaps most obvious, benefit of reaching out to a roofer for new roofing materials is your ROI. Your home’s value is a dynamic thing, constantly shifting depending on what you are and aren’t doing. According to a survey by Houzz, around four out of five homeowners who renovated back in 2014 made upgrades to the main home structure. Another three out of five made upgrades to their outdoor spaces, such as the patio or backyard. Replacement windows or a new roof will boost your ROI exponentially and last for a solid decade, perhaps longer, with little maintenance.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

Homeowners today are spending far too much on their energy bills. As touched on above, these bills slice a huge chunk out of your spendings and often leave you compensating in other areas of your life as a result. Home improvement contractors can set you up with installations that deliver on more than just one front. Windows that are overly drafty and let air escape between the cracks, such as single-pane windows, increase your energy bills by up to 25%. Dual-paned windows, however, can last up to 20 years and keep your home’s temperature well-regulated.

Increase Your Home’s Comfort Levels

This leads to the next benefit, in which you’ll just enjoy a more comfortable home. A drafty home is in a constant state of being adjusted and tweaked. You’ll turn on the thermostat, turn off the thermostat, bundle up in a blanket…back and forth with no end in sight. High-quality dual-paned windows are up to two times as effective at retaining temperature. Couple this with a roof free from cracks and good at absorbing energy and you have a recipe for ongoing success.

Home Improvement Should Be An Ongoing Process

There’s no reason to get just one or two benefits from your installation. You deserve a full package that will pay you back handsomely. More than 50% of the homeowners surveyed by Houzz renovated their homes back in 2014. It doesn’t just end there, with another survey finding nearly two-thirds of homeowners planning on renovating their homes over the next few years. Before you start with interior decorating, save yourself some stress and talk to a roofer. A new roof or window installation will increase your ROI, curb your energy bills, and leave you feeling more cozy than ever.

From new home windows to a general consultation, your local roofer will have it all.

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