Unwanted house guests? Take care of them before they scare you out of your own home

October 14, 2018 by No Comments

The squeaking that you keep hearing in the attic, is it driving you crazy? Do you think you’re losing your mind and imagining the scamper of tiny feet across your attic? Of course, if you’re like many people the thought makes your skin crawl. Intruders within your house, stealing your food and invading the place that you call home, the very last thing you want to deal with are squirrels or rats living within your walls and calling your space their home as well. Get those critters out of your home before your home is littered with damage from animals you can’t reverse. What damage from animals can happen to your home if these little critters stay for too long? Let’s take a look at the issues they pose.

You might wonder how these pesky little squirrel families may have made it into your home to begin with. Think about how well squirrels can crack into nuts that they find outside for food, well as awful as it seems, these little critters can chew their way into your home. If they can find the smallest openings they are able to chew their way into making these small holes even bigger. A one inch hole is big enough for a small squirrel to sneak into first. Before you know it, an entire squirrel infestation has taken over your living quarters.

How about those blinking lights that you’ve noticed lately? Squirrels can easily chew on wires and create a slew of unexpected electrical issues that you really don’t need to deal with. These squirrels and rats believe that these wires are food and they go to town believing that they’re filling their stomachs with something delicious. To make matters worse for you, these chewed wires can even cause fires, the damage from animals can be an irreversible nightmare if you aren’t careful and don’t stop these destructive animals right from the beginning scampers that you hear.

Another problem that unwanted rodents can cause for you? Chewing their way through all PVC piping in your homes. With these things running ramped through your home you never know the water damage that could be caused by these little creatures who are trying to make their future within your space. Better catch them quickly too, rodents such as rats and squirrels repopulate just as fast as rabbits do. In fact, the rat population could turn into 482 million in just three short years.

If you hear that scampering in your attic and you don’t know where its coming from, contacting an animal and rodent removal company is in your best bet to protect your home from unwanted critters causing damage to your home. Before you find yourself in any sticky situations with animals doing danger to your home be sure that everything is in working order and that these rodents are not causing damage.

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