Having A Hard Time Cleaning Your Septic Tank? You Might Need To Use Your Garbage Disposal Less

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If you’re buying a house with a septic system, you need to make sure that you are prepared to handle it. Septic tanks require a lot of maintenance and cleaning. If you have any questions, bring them to a septic tank pumping company for accurate answers. Do all septic tanks have pumps? Or do all septic tanks need to be pumped? If you’re unsure, don’t buy the house before finding out. Otherwise, you might end up taking on extra bills and repairs that you could avoid by buying a different property.

You should also make sure that everything in the septic system is working properly, both before and after you buy the house. You’ll want to make sure that the drainage pipe for the septic tank is clean and functioning at all times. Otherwise, the drain pipe for the septic tank may end up leaking. this is a health hazard that can not only risk your family’s well-being but can also get you in trouble with your local authorities. Regular inspections and maintenance will help you avoid any major issues with your septic tank, so make that a priority.

Make sure you have a company you trust that you can call for annual inspections and any repairs you may need. Taking good care of your septic system will help you in the long run.

Taking care of a house is an ongoing job. There’s always a little more work to be done. This is especially true if you have a septic tank.

Pumping your septic tank is a task that gets a little easier every time you do it, but sadly, that only comes a few times a year. There can still be a lot you don’t know about how often you need to go about it or what underlying factors can make a simple pump turn into a chore. When you’re worried about the aftermath of septic tank pumping, a septic tank service can run by and give you some pointers. Doing this properly will go a long way in saving you money on your water bill and keeping your house safe from a frustrating accident.

Try these tips on for size so you can get the hang of this sooner rather than later.

Did You Know?

What do you know about septic cleaning? Recent data from the EPA stated more than four billion gallons of wastewater is dispersed below the ground every day. While much of this is excess from businesses, a significant portion just comes from homes clearing out their tanks. An estimated one-quarter of homes in the United States use a septic system, making this a skill that needs to be properly cemented if you’re to save money. The first thing you should know are any state-specific stipulations.

Septic Tank Pumping In Certain States

Depending on where you live you may need to keep a few extra details in mind. The state of Illinois, for example, requires all piping more than five feet from a building’s foundation used for moving waste water to be considered one part of your septic system. The average single family home will use around 70 gallons of water per person every day. This number will go up or down depending on how many family members you have, how often you bring guests and particular lifestyle choices.

Common Issues With Septic Tank Pumping

A few things can get in the way of a smooth septic tank pumping task. Your garbage disposal alone can increase the amount of solids in a septic tank by 50% or more. You should consider finding different ways of disposing of trash and oils if you notice your septic tank filling up faster than usual. Your tank should be large enough to hold up to two days of wastewater, which is usually how long it takes for solids to settle out. A septic tank service can help when you find yourself faced with a clog or a flood.

Basic Tank Pumping Know-How

Here’s what you should know when approaching your tank for a clean-up session. There are four factors that will impact how often you need to clean. The first is the number of people in your household (as well as how active your household is). The second is the amount of wastewater you generate (which includes showering, bathing and cooking). The third is the volume of solids in your wastewater and the last is the size of your septic tank. Not only can a septic tank service help with any issues, they can offer you recommendations if your current set-up isn’t working.

Calling For A Septic Tank Service

When your septic cleaning isn’t going as planned, a septic tank service can help you out. They can both fix whatever is causing your tank to back up while giving you a consultation on what to do for the future. This can include habit changes or an adjustment on your set-up. Generally, a four person and two bedroom household will need a 1,000 gallon tank at the very least. Septic tank treatment is necessary both to save you money on your household bills while keeping the environment safe. Constant leaking and flooding is a hazardous issue that should be treated as soon as possible.

A good habit isn’t accomplished in a day. Take these tips with you next time you clean your tank and don’t be afraid to contact a septic tank service if you’re at a loss.

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