How to Make Your Guests Comfortable in Your Hotel and Exceed Their Expectations

July 23, 2018 by No Comments

Without guests, your hotel wouldn’t be successful or even functioning, for that matter. Since it’s so crucial to keep them around, there are many ways to keep them coming back and comfortable. Let’s take a look at a few things you should do.

Keep Your Rooms in Good Shape

While this one may seem obvious, there are so many hotels out there with poor reviews stating their guest rooms were dirty and unfinished. If you want to avoid having anyone talking poorly about your hotel, make sure your rooms are spotless. This means that from the moment a guest walks into the building, they should feel clean and comfortable. Have your cleaning team frequently vacuum the hallways, check the rooms for bedbugs, and let you know if there are any problems with your furniture.

If your furniture is outdated or simply isn’t comfortable for guests to relax in, you’re going to need to change things up. You might need to purchase some commercial sleep chairs, commercial sofa beds, a queen sleeper sofa, or a new loveseat. To save yourself a bit of money on these comfortable pieces of furniture, reach out to a furniture wholesaler. Furniture wholesalers will bundle a certain about a sofas and living room sets for a great price. Consumer furniture and bedding spending in the United States reached $102 billion in 2015 and is expected to keep growing until 2020. With wholesale furniture, you don’t have to spend that much.

Use the Three-Pronged Response When Dealing with a Customer Problem

In the customer service world, many employees may feel the need to avoid conflict as a way to please their guests. But what you might not realize is that most guests want their problems to be acknowledged head-on rather than avoided. Sit down with your employees and teach them the three-pronged response system. These three prongs are acknowledge, empathize, and offer resolution. So if a customer were to come up to the front desk complaining about how the air conditioning doesn’t work, your employee should acknowledge their problem, tell them how sorry they are that this is happening, and either offer them a discount or a new room.

Recognize Customers that Keep Coming Back for More

If you notice some guests returning time and time again, you’re clearly doing something right. And when a customer is rewarded for staying with you repeatedly, they’re going not going to want to stay anywhere else. You can offer them discounts, perks, and other physical rewards. Or you can go a step above and greet them at the desk with a “Hello and welcome back, Mr. Roberts”. They will feel special and know that they’re being taken care of.

So how do you exceed your guests expectations and make them comfortable? Each of the tips listed about should help you out with that. And if you’re in sore need of new furniture, it could be time to get a furniture wholesaler on the line.

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