Behind The Growth Of Elevators In The United States And Around The World

July 8, 2018 by No Comments

From commercial elevator installation companies to the residential elevator installation company, elevators have become widely utilized in the vast majority of all parts of the world. They are particularly common in the United States, where commercial elevator installation is frequent and the push to install residential lifts, from the New York elevator to the Austin, Texas elevator, has risen in demand. Elevators not only provide convenience but they provide accessibility as well, a must for anyone with a mobility problem or considerable loss of mobility, such as someone that uses a walker or especially for someone confined to a wheelchair.

And the data that has currently been gathered continues to back it up. The United States alone is nearing a total of one million elevators throughout the country, currently holding as many as seven to nine hundred thousand elevators at this date but only projected to gain even more in the years to come. The growth of residential elevators (that is, elevators in buildings that house people, such as apartment complexes) is particularly impressive, with as many as ten thousand total residential elevators installed every single year in the United States alone. And as business continues to grow, commercial elevator installation is not far behind the installation of residential lifts. Commercial elevator installation is particularly necessary for high rise buildings and sky scrapers. This can be seen clearly when we look at the facts, which show that the overwhelming majority of all the elevators the world over are located in buildings – be they commercial or residential buildings – that have at least forty floors in total (or even more, as is common in many major cities and metropolitan areas of the United States and the world alike).

But still, though elevators are enormously widespread, carrying as much as the entire capacity of the world in as few as nine days, elevators are still feared by a large number of people. Though fear of elevators and using elevators may be irrational, it is not at all uncommon. Much of this comes from the confined space that being in an elevator entails, coupled with a fear of the elevator breaking down or crashing. Fortunately, however, both instances are incredibly rare, and the elevators that we are familiar with today are extraordinarily safe, one of the safest ways, in fact, to move from floor to floor throughout a building, particularly a tall one. In fact, in many ways elevators, through commercial elevator installation practices, are far safer than the common escalator (as seen in many a shopping mall or center across the United States). Escalators are much more dangerous than elevators, but most people are not aware of this fact at all. In fact, when we break the numbers down we find that elevators are as much as twenty times safer than the typical escalator that can be found in the United States.

Elevators have become crucial to the smooth function of many places in the United States. Without elevators, transport in tall buildings like the skyscrapers found in many cities and metropolitan areas would simply not be possible. On top of this, it would become much more difficult for disabled people to get around and have accessibility to many different places, either those with limited mobility, such as someone who uses a cane or a walker as a mobility aid, or even someone that has very little mobility, such as someone in a wheelchair (though this will, of course, vary from case to case). And commercial elevator installation as well as residential elevator installation has become safer and more effective and efficient than ever before. The need for a elevator repair is rare, and the vast majority of elevators in the U.S. are very well maintained. Elevators make up an important part of our world, but unfortunately, too many people are too afraid of them to use them with confidence. The education of elevators should be increased, in order to show people that elevators are actually incredibly safe – safer even than escalators (in fact, safer by quite a bit than escalators) – and you shouldn’t worry about stepping foot into an elevator.

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