When To Seriously Consider The Purchase Of Shielding Paint

June 21, 2018 by No Comments

If you’re wondering “how does shielding paint work?” you are certainly not alone. How does shielding paint work is a common question asked by those who are interested in reducing their exposure to volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds – or VOCs – can be found in all too many places throughout the typical home in the United states. From nursery paint to exterior floor paint, volatile organic compounds are often plentiful, and they can have a number of detrimental effects on the health of those who live around them and breath them in.

As the typical person in the United States spends as much as ninety percent of their total time indoors, exposure to volatile organic compounds can be particularly harmful. In people who have particular chemical sensitivities, just the presence of volatile organic compounds at a level of five hundred ppb or above can cause an adverse reaction. The same is true for children who are exposed to the process of priming a floor or priming walls with paint that is high in volatile organic compounds. In fact, studies have found that children who are routinely exposed to volatile organic compounds are far more likely to develop conditions such as rhinitis, asthma, eczema, and even allergies. For adults, the outcome is not much better, as routine exposure to high levels of volatile organic compounds can actually dampen brain function. This was found in a study where a group of office workers were moved from their typical work space to an office that was environmentally controlled. The results found that in the environmentally controlled office, away from any volatile organic compounds that they could even just potentially come into contact with, their average cognitive score rose by a total of one hundred and one percent.

So what do you do to eliminate the risk of volatile organic compounds in your home? Well, the vast majority of us should probably not worry about it too much. This is because it has been found that the vast majority of volatile organic compounds found in floor primers and paint will actually dissipate dramatically over the course of a full calendar year. But if you are still considered or have moved into a freshly painted place, you might be wondering “how does shielding paint work?” And how does shielding paint work? Shielding paint works by blocking any of the volatile organic compounds in the layer of pain beneath, making a safe space to live and to work in for adults and children alike. If you are wondering how does shielding paint work, it is probably in your best interests to choose low VOC paint options in the future – so that you never have to wonder how does shielding paint work again.

When you are in the process of picking out paint and perhaps even wondering how does shielding paint work, consider choosing a paint option or wall primer that is already low in volatile organic compounds. By choosing such a paint or primer that is low in volatile organic compounds, you are doing your whole family a favor when it comes to their health, as the prolonged presence of volatile organic compounds can have a number of detrimental effects. It should also be noted that this is particularly important if you have young children living in your home, as volatile organic compounds can be particularly harmful to the health of such populations, as they have less of a resistance to them and are more chemically sensitive to begin with.

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