Breaking Down the Gas Dryer Who to Call for Repairs

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Americans think a great deal about purchasing a house. There is the mortgage to consider, the amount of space within a home, the backyard and front yard, the amount of sunlight that will come through the windows, the color of the carpeting, the color of the walls, the state of the foundation, even the driveway becomes paramount if it can only fit one car.

Many parents will consider it a step up from an apartment no matter what, seeing as their children will have more living space, a place to play, a backyard to run around in, and a school district that is possibly better than the one that they had been apart of. The house could have room for another play area inside; a play room, for instance.

But many parents may likely be worried about the unexpected expenses that come from a home even after going for a full on inspection before purchasing. There is the foundation, which may need reinforcing, the backyard and front yard, which need maintenance, mowing, and hedging, and the carpets, which need to be cleaned.

There’s a great deal that goes into purchasing a home, many things that may not be covered in the standard guide, which may flummox parents who are buying their first home. And of course it is a big investment: They are sinking thousands of dollars likely into their home every month as part of the mortgage and will likely own the house for years.

Once the decision has been made and the house has been purchased, the family can move in and see their surroundings. They may have that initial reaction of shock and surprise; how good it looks even though they have seen it before. It may feel all the better because it is their own now.

Of course, one of the major issues with a home is that it needs reinforcement and repairs. These occur randomly and intermittently and can send budgets skyrocketing upwards as unexpected repairs are needed on certain areas of the home, such as the walls or the ceiling or the basement or the attic.

The issue with homes is that they are difficult to repair and time-consuming and expensive when the repairs are required. Sometimes it may be an unexpected repair that puts strain on the financial budget; sometimes it is one that has been known for a long time but the homeowners are just getting around to.

These can be difficult for a new homeowner to adjust to. With all the expenses, it is natural to think that a period of discouragement would set in. The mortgage for the house is just the start when it comes to prioritizing money for a house. The repairs and maintenance and the damages wrought by pets and to some extent children can be costly.

One of the areas where a homeowner shouldn’t feel the strain of finances is the kitchen appliances, where they should have been inspected before the purchase of the home and factored into the financial equation before the home was bought. Kitchen appliances include the oven, stove top, dishwasher, washing machine, drying machine, and more.

The statistics behind these appliances is staggering:

  • A gas range over should last 15 years before you even think about replacing it.
  • A refrigerator should last 13 years before you even think about replacing it.
  • A washing machine should last 10 years before you even think about replacing it.
  • A dishwasher should last nine years before you even think about replacing it.

However, the difficulty with these appliances is well known.

  • 20% of dishwashers break within three to four years.
  • 25% of front-loading washing machines break within three to four years.
  • 28% of refrigerators with top or bottom freezers with icemakers break within three to four years.
  • 36% of side by side refrigerator/freezers with icemakers break within three to four years.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, you cannot go without a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, or an oven for some time. They need repairs. In this case, you can either do oven repairs, refrigerator repairs, dryer repair, or dishwasher repair on your own or with the help of a qualified individual or call a repair company.

A repair company may help you put things back together quickly and efficiently. Visit here for more information.

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