Have You Had Your Furnace Inspected for the Upcoming Winter Season?

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The leaves are starting to turn colors.
The display racks of stocking hats and gloves and mittens are appearing in the grocery stores.
And while it is not quite the time for snow, many home owners realize that now is the best time to get an appointment with a HVAC company to make sure that the furnace is ready when the temperatures begin to drop. HVAC services can help you prepare for the change in weather when it comes.
Whether you live in Alaska and have are trying to determine if you are seeing he first signs of termination dust on the tallest Chugach peaks outside of Anchorage or you are in the midwest simply looking for some relief from your summer and fall allergies, the first signs of cold weather are important to notice. Making sure that you have an appointment with a HVAC company can help you be ready. Although some people hope that winter and cold weather never arrive, denying the approach of dropping temperatures can cause expensive problems. Working with a HVAC company that provides a service contract, however, might mean that in addition to getting two inspections a year you might also receive a discount of other emergency calls and the necessary parts and labor that might be required.

How Many More Weeks Until the First Frost Where You Live?
Cooling and heating systems are essential to the comfort of Americans across the country. Simply knowing that the cold weather is approaching is not enough. If you are a home or business owner, in fact, it is essential that you make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions about the maintenance of expensive heating and cooling systems. And while the main goal of a HVAC company is to make sure that your home is cool when it is hot outside and warm when it is cold outside, by following the proper maintenance you can make sure that you achieve these goals economically and efficiently. Taking the time to make sure that all of the filters are changed at the right time, for instance, can help improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

  • Research indicates that 66% of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners.
  • Estimates also indicate that switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep a home cool can reduce air conditioning energy use by as much as 20% to 50%.
  • According to most heating and cooling experts, scheduling a system check twice a year is a good idea. Making sure that the HVAC system in your home is checked a month before cold weather and a month before hot wether can help ensure that your system will be ready to work when you need it.
  • Decreased efficiency is a major impact of improperly functioning HVAC systems. In fact, mproper equipment installation can decrease a home?s heating and cooling efficiency by as much as 30%.
  • You can track the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by watching your monthly utility bills and comparing those to bills from the previous year.

  • Finding out that your temperature control system is not working on the hottest or coldest day of the year can be a major inconvenience.
  • One small to mid-sized generator typically puts out anywhere from 3,000 to 8,500 watts.
  • Realizing that it is important to have a generator in the event of a power outage is important.

  • Wise home owners know that paying attention to small details like regular HVAC service appointments pay off in the long run.
  • Investing in a HVAC system is expensive, so it is worth the extra service appointments.
  • No one wants to find out their heater is broken on the coldest day of the winter.
  • Time to schedule your appointment.
  • Experienced heating contractors can help you keep your HVAC investment running for years.
  • Recognizing the importance of a service contract often pays off.

Like it or not, when the leaves start to change color and when the winter hats and gloves start appearing at the grocery store it just might be time to start getting READY FOR WINTER. Instead of being caught off guard when the cold temperatures arrive, make sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with a local HVAC company wo that you can avoid problems when the temperatures really drop.

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