Is Your Design Being Limited byStandard-Sized Screws? Consider Customized Fasteners

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Custom shoulder bolt options

When you’re designing and building devices, chances are that the entire process would be easier with custom manufactured micro screws. Since there are a variety of custom screw options, your design process won’t be limited by having to use standard-sized screws.

Just as there are different types of custom micro screws, there are also a variety of custom shoulder bolt options available. When you need these types of bolts, just imagine the difference between using custom shoulder bolts for your projects.

A Few Details About Hi-lo Screws

Since these screws have a reduced minor diameter, they displace less plastic. As a result, the stress is minimized. Material displacement is further minimized because these screws have both a double lead high and low thread. The high thread has a a 30 degree thread that provides positive thread engagement.

A Few Details About Delta PT Screws

These screws have a 30 degree thread angle, and are able to perform these tasks:

  • Reduce radial stress
  • Provide increased thread depth
  • Lower installation torque
  • Improve material flow

When comparing Delta PT screws with other fasteners of the same diameter, they have approximately 50% improved torsional and tensile strength.

A Few Details About SEMS Screws

These pre-assembled screws have the washer placed under the head. They are fast to use, easily adapted, and a permanent solution for a variety of applications.

A Few Details About Thread Lockers

Inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers are the primary types of thread locks available. Inert thread locking, which is also referred to as prevailing torque, is able to create a secure fastening lock. This is important to note because it is resistant vibration and shock-related slippage.

A Few Details About Breakaway Torque

Breakaway torque refers to the torque required to begin relative rotation between locking fasteners and mating threads without an axial load on the screw. This does change with reuse, however. As a result, this would be known as the first-off, second-off torque, etc. It’s important to note that this only refers to the locking element.

Learn More About Custom Screws and Custom Shoulder Bolts

Since there are a variety of customized options, you can find out more information on these and other products when you contact a custom screw manufacturer. While you may occasionally need a standard type of screw or bolt for a design project, chances are that customized fasteners will be the most efficient and effective option.

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