Spring Clean Your Design With These Home Decor Tips

April 21, 2017 by No Comments

interior redesignWhile you are dusting your mantle and picking flowers from your garden, be sure to include your home’s decor in your spring cleaning plans. Offering vibrant color pallets and fresh new perspectives, this season is the perfect time for interior redesign. While shopping for modern furniture and the decor to place around it, consider this year’s spring design trends.

  • Bright Accents: Hello, sunshine! This season is all about cheerful accents. If you have had your eye on that bright green chair and boldly pink pillow at the furniture store, now is the time to buy them. Be sure to add these popping features to an overall soft or contrasting color scheme to make them stand out.
  • Mixed Patterns: Similar to the selections made by fashion designers this year, mixed patterns are a tasteful way to add personality to any room. Try throwing a floral blanket over your striped chair, for example. This is your chance to experiment.
  • Bold Vases: When you return from picking flowers from your garden, place them in a beautiful, artisan vase. Bold vases are an eye-catching, modern feature to add to any room, as they add flare to even the most simple furniture.
  • Natural Touches: As the trees are budding outside, you can think green inside the home. Add a bit of green to your interior spaces with a variety of houseplants or succulents. Disperse these around the house as to not overwhelm one room.
  • Artful Textures: Perhaps one of the most versatile interior decorating trends, texture is a subtle way to incorporate sophisticated design. Most modern furniture stores will have interesting options, but be sure to choose one that fits the rest of your decor.

Remember: Spring is the perfect season to shed your old decor and incorporate a complete interior redesign. While this may change with the other seasons, setting a springy mood in your home will make your family and guests feel as refreshed as you do. If you are having any doubts, consider hiring an interior decorator, as they will have suggestions to spruce up your interior spaces.

A shocking 47% of Americans have not updated their home in the last five years, and 9% have not in 10 years. As styles and tastes change, updated your home is important. If you have been putting off a redesign, use this season to express your style.

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