Are You Getting Ready to Finish Your Basement or Remodel Another Part of Your Home?

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Electrical wiring repairs

The plans have been a long time in the making.
Your unfinished basement has served many purposes in the 19 years you have been in your house, but you are finally ready to finish the space. After years of serving as a virtual tricycle roadway for your two young daughters, the space eventually became the scene of numerous slumber parties, movie nights, and craft making projects. Although it has been fun to have the unfinished space, it now seems kind of strange to have so much of an unused area that could be put to a better use.
With one daughter away at college and another one finishing her sophomore year of high school, your husband insists that you make a change. You have some clutter to clear out, but your husband has already scheduled appointments with the residential electric contractor who has completed some other projects for you. By the start of summer you hope to have all of the contract work assigned, and the ultimate goal is to have the space ready for fall football season. Between college games and professional games, football is a busy television time at your house and your husband is looking forward to finalizing his choice of big screen or projection options. In fact, he is far more excited about that than the necessary process of selecting residential electric contractor, a plumber, and a dry waller.
Do You Know When to Call a Professional Electrician?
Electrical wiring repairs can be tricky, and while a few home owners take the risk of completing these themselves, the smarter move is to call in a qualified electrician. Although most people know that they need to work with licensed residential electrical contractors for large remodeling projects, some people do not fully understand the value of consulting these same professional for smaller projects. Consider some of these facts about reasons to use a professional electrician:

  • In the year 2011 alone an estimated 47,700 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments involved an electrical failure or malfunction of some kind as a factor contributing to the ignition point.
  • Experts recommend electrical home inspections for homes that are 10 years and older, and for homes with major renovations or any time new appliances are added.
  • 583,500 electricians are working in the U.S. Of these, many designate themselves as either commercial or residential electric contractors.
  • Electrical fires cause $1.5 billion in property damage a year.
  • Of all of the work that needs to be done in a home, whether new construction or remodeling, electrical work is a task that needs to be left to the experts.

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