Soundproofing is an Essential Part of Safe and Healthy Design

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Sound, its presence and absence, plays an important role in our lives. Continuous exposure to loud sounds can lead to hearing problems. Even continuous background noise or community noise can have a negative effect on basic and necessary activities like learning, resting and healing. Acoustic building products like soundproof wall panels and ceiling clouds can control and eliminate sound in both residential and public buildings like homes, hospitals and schools.

Adverse impact of loud noises
It’s well known that continuous exposure to loud noises at work or during leisure activities can affect a person’s hearing. What is not so well known is that community noise or continuous background noise can also have harmful effects. Studies have found that it produces such problems as cardiovascular diseased and learning deficits.
When community noise rises to levels above 40 decibels, the risk of heart disease increases correspondingly. When noise levels rise above 85 decibels, prolonged exposure creates a risk of hearing loss. Among people above the age of twelve years, 13% or 30 million suffer from hearing loss in both ears. That means one perso in every eight is suffering from hearing loss.

How sound insulation works
Acoustic building products that can block or eliminate sound are an important element of safe and healthy building design. For homes, schools, and hospitals, as well as studios and concert halls, such acoustic building products as sound wall panels, decorative laminate and acoustic ceiling panels serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.
There are four ways to soundproof a room, namely adding mass, damping mass, decoupling and filling air gaps. Depending on the size, shape and location of the space to be soundproofed, architects and contractors use a mix of the four tactics to achieve the best results.
Acoustic building products like ceiling and wall panels and tiles help to keep sound where it belongs and exclude it from places where it does not.

Soundproofing produces results
The results of soundproofing are evident and remarkable. Schools and hospitals report better outcomes when continuous community noise is eliminated. Studies have found that both learning and healing are more effective in quiet surroundings.
Acoustic building products also help to keep sound where it belongs. When used in the design and construction of spaces like rehearsal and recording studios, and concert halls, they help in the production of pure sound by eliminating echoes and distortion.

Acoustic building products help to eliminate the harmful effects of sound. They are serve to help artists and musicians produce the music and sound that people want to hear. Our lives are governed by the presence and absence of sound to a very large extent, even though we may not be aware of the fact. Acoustic tiles and panels help to control the sound for the best possible impact on our lives.

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