Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

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When you have an HVAC unit that needs to be repaired, it’s always best to have an AC repair HVAC technician do the repairs for you. HVAC units can be dangerous to try to fix yourself, so leave it to the professionals. First, you need to choose from among the AC repair companies in my area. Then, you need to have the company you choose come out and perform an AC inspection to determine what is wrong with the unit. The problem may be any number of things, and the technician will be able to see what the issue is.

Doing AC repair jobs is what these technicians have extensive training in, and they will be able to fix most problems. However, if there is a serious problem with the unit that would be highly expensive to fix, it may make sense to get a new HVAC unit. There may be a better AC system design that will work better for you. And, newer units are generally more energy efficient than older models. Whether you need a repair to your unit or you need to have it replaced, it’s important to call on a good company that is highly reliable.

When you are having trouble with your HVAC unit, you need to call a heating repair service to come out and repair it. It may be the AC ventilation system that isn’t working well, and it can be repaired. When you are looking for a company that does AC repair jobs, make sure that you either get recommendations or read online reviews to choose a good company that will do what you need. The kind of repairs that you get may depend on the AC system design that you have. An AC unit with gas heat is one such design that is often found.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an HVAC unit, and it can be hard to tell what is wrong with it until the service person arrives and diagnoses the problem. When it has been assessed and diagnosed, you can usually get an estimate for the repair costs at that point. Before that, it would be hard to tell what kind of repairs are needed. Once you know what is wrong with it, you can decide how you want to proceed. You may need repairs, or you may need to get a new unit altogether.

Christmas time is not the time that you want to think about your heating and air conditioning parts. Well, if you have taken care of everything in the fall then you will be able to enjoy the holidays with no worry about any HVAC systems going out unexpectedly. Good maintenance is key to being able to predict how your year is going to go regarding the temperature of your home. Here are a few things that you can do to avoid having to mess with heating and air conditioning parts and repairs and fixings during the happiest time of the year.

Change Air Filters
If you haven’t done this already, you need to make sure that you buy better filters. There are new high-efficiency filters that are available on the market today. They have pleated filters that have an electrostatic charge. It works much like a magnet and can grab and keep even the tiniest of particles in the air. These are usually the ones that carry bacteria so it will make your house so much cleaner and clearer. The filter should be replaced a minimum of every 90 days. However, if you have pets, you should check in monthly. Whenever it starts to look dark and clogged, you can change it.

Clean On and Around
Outdoor units should have a clearance of two feet around the unit. Make sure there is never any debris like leaves, twigs, or pollen on the unit. These can fall on to them, particularly during the spring, summer, and fall. Take care not to allow grass clippings to fly into the unit as you are mowing the lawn as well. Inside units should not have anything stored with them. The HVAC closet should be for the unit and the heating and air conditioning parts and that’s all. Don’t use it for storage or a broom cupboard, as many people do. An indoor unit will likely need periodic dusting as well. Check the unit about once a week to make sure that it stays clean.

Monthly Checks
Every month, as well as checking your filters you should check the insulation on the refrigerant lines. These are the lines that lead into the house. If there are any missing or damaged lines, they will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, damaged refrigerant lines can not really be fixed. Fixing them is only a temporary fix so you might as well save yourself the trouble and go ahead and buy new ones before the cold weather sets in.

Bi-Annual Checks
Twice a year you should have a professional come and check everything for you. The best time to do this is in the spring and the fall which are after ‘high usage’ months. In the summer, the air conditioning is used the most and in the winter, the heating is used. Spring and fall are considered milder months and you don’t need the unit as much so it won’t be a big deal if the electrician has to turn off your heating and air conditioning service for a little while to do some repairs.

Annual Checks
Once a year you can make a mixture of bleach and water and pour it down the air conditioner condensate drain. This will stave off clogs by preventing mold and algae build-up. It’s also a good idea to replace the carbon monoxide detector battery every year. Even if it doesn’t seem like it needs replacing, it’s still a good preventative measure.

One of the best things about keeping up on the maintenance of heating and air conditioning parts and systems is that you can have the peace of mind that during the months when you really need the system, it will work just fine. That’s also the benefit of having a professional come out during spring and fall. Not only will they be able to check on things because of the previous season’s heavy usage; they’ll be able to make sure that the following season will go smoothly for you. It’s amazing how much the temperatures of our homes can really affect the mood, temperament, and quality of life of the residents. If you feel yourself getting increasingly irritated at things that you never used to, try adjusting the temperature at home.

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