The Many Sources of Propane

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There are many unknown uses for propane. The most common use for propane is for cooking purposes. However, there are many, more useful and more beneficial purposes for the same type of propane. Because propane can exist in different forms, such as liquid and gas, it can be used for a variety of purposes. More and more Americans are switching to propane use, after learning about the many benefits for residential propane customers. Some businesses may also find many benefits for use with propane products.

Propane can be used for many purposes, including cooking, refrigeration, heating and farming tasks. Some of these tasks are done with the same propane that you use to barbeque dinner, while others require a different form of the propane, such as filtered propane gas products or more specifically, LG-70 propane additive. The LG-70 propane additive changes the substance and source of the propane, allowing it to be used for other purposes.

One of the biggest benefits for heating your home with propane is that most propane is produced in the country. Gas prices tend to fluctuate as the specific country providing the gas changes their supply. Americans may be left paying highly increased prices for the gas that they require. Since propane is produced in the country, there is more control over the price and Americans will find it much cheaper to heat their homes with in country propane accessories.

Approximately 90% of the United States? propane supply is produced domestically, while 70% of the remaining supply is imported from Canada and Mexico. Approximately equal amounts of propane come from the refining of crude oil and from natural gas processing. Thus, propane is a readily available, secure energy source whose environmental benefits are widely recognized. Products like gases tend to be worse for the environment, while the LG-70 propane additive is a better option for the environment.

More and more residential customers are using propane for heating purposes. Of the nation?s 6.3 million mobile and manufactured homes, 16% use propane as the main heating fuel. This tends to be because of the cost savings that it can provide. Cooking with gas can be substantially more cost effective than other cooking sources, mostly because of the LG-70 propane additive.

Propane also has many uses and benefits for commercial use, as well. More than 350,000 industrial sites rely on it for space heating, brazing, soldering, cutting, heat treating, annealing, vulcanizing and many other uses. Petrochemical industries use propane in the manufacture of plastics. As more and more Americans learn of the benefits of propane, there will be an increase of commercial and industrial businesses using it, as well.

There are many additives available to change the type of propane. This allows propane to be used for so many different purposes. The type of additive will depend on the required substance of the propane and the amount that is needed. The additives can also increase the safety and toxicity of the gas. Propane is actually safe at reduced temperatures. The propane is often sold at these lower temperatures, to ensure safety during transport.

Propane provides many benefits to residential, commercial and industrial customers. It is a great alternative to gas and fuel sources. It can be used to heat a home, do many farming tasks and even to create plastics. The additives change the type of propane and make it a great option for the different types of uses. The lowered pressure and temperature of the propane also makes it safer for breathing and transporting. Many homes in the United States are fueled and heated with propane, and the numbers are only expected to increase.

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