Do You Have a Home Painting Job Requiring a Commercial Crew?

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You spent three very long summers painting. As a result, you promised yourself that you would never pick up a paint brush again.
While a college student at the states largest university you worked as a night manager at the campus bowling alley during your freshman year. Your years of high school bowling and watching your uncle service pin setters made you a prefect candidate for the job. By your sophomore year you had been promoted to night manager of the entire student union. You oversaw the bowling alley night managers and helped check out and lock up after the food service employees finished their shifts.
While there was plenty of work to keep you busy during the school year, the summer schedule was very different. In an effort to keep the night managers from finding other jobs during the summer and leaving them short handed during the school year, the student union sometimes hired the night managers to do painting jobs inside the building during the summer. You had some fun days on those painting crews, but you had painted more white walls then you care to admit. The constant work it took to get your hands paint free at the end of every shift alone was enough to wear you out.
And this is why you find yourself looking for painting contractors for the jobs you have around your home. Last summer you had a great group of painting contractors come and give you bids on repainting the entire inside of your home. This summer you are interviewing and getting bids from painting contractors for the outside of your home. You could spend every weekend this summer trying to tackle this outside job, but you made yourself that promise all of those years ago when you were in college.
Painting Contractors Have the Best Tools for the Job
You do not have to spent much time painting to understand the value of having the best tools. A large sturdy set of scaffolding may take awhile to get set up, but it is much easier than moving one or two ladders time and time again. Any one who has been on a paint crew for a large building quickly tires of trying to complete a home painting job without the correct tools and painting conveniences.
While anyone with the least amount of experience can slap on a coat of paint that might look good for weeks or maybe a few months, contractors know that attention to detail is a far better approach. For example, filling in gaps with a paintable acrylic-latex caulk will limit drafts and makes trim look better than new. The initial caulking takes time, skill, and, patience, but it is often the difference between a professional clean look in the end and a sloppy paint job that needs to be redone again.
Commercial painters also take time to sandblast off old paint and hand sand drywall repairs before they even pick up a paintbrush. Sanding levels outs spackle and joint-compound patches while also flattening ridges around nail holes. Wiping down the surfaces so that they are free from dust and other interruptions will create smooth finished surfaces. An individual home owner may not take the time to attack the painting job with such precision.
In addition to adequate preparation, the painting itself is obviously important. For example did you know that stucco walls cannot be rolled, but should be sprayed? Did you know that glossier paints are more scrubbable and stain resistant? Many decisions and techniques like this are what you are getting when you decide to hire one of the 316,200 people working as professional painters or painting contractors in America. There is a reason that the painting workers in America are always busy and often require a month or more to get to a job. The number of employed painters is projected to grow 20% between the years of 2012 and 2022. In fact, occupational research indicates that the number of commercial painting jobs there are is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations.
Are you ready to wash your paint stained hands and throw out the old brushes and trays?

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