11 Random Facts About Air Conditioning

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Keeping your air conditioning cool is a very important factor when it comes to living. If your home isn’t at the appropriate temperature it can cause tension and strife among the family members; temperature plays a huge part in human temperament. Local AC repair companies recommend having your air conditioning serviced at least twice a year but a local AC repairman in order to keep it in good condition. Residential AC repair is not cheap even if you can find a good local AC repair service, so maintaining your unit is important to saving you time and money. In order to see how important our air conditioning and heating units are, it’s good to know a little about air conditioning and the history behind it. Here are some fun facts about air conditioning that you may or may not care about:

  1. Back in 1917 there were no residential air conditioners. Movie theater owners would entice guests by promoting their top of the line air conditioning unit on their advertisements. People would pay to see a movie just to escape the heat.

  2. The very first ice making machine was began around 1851 but didn’t get past the patenting stage because at the time, ice was being transported from northern regions so the whole idea was put on the back burner so as not to insight bad feelings against them.

  3. In 1891 there was machine built that transformed a restaurant into an ‘ice palace’ though the refrigeration process. Everyone welcomed the idea and didn’t even question the process.

  4. Taking things a little more current, current air conditioning units are still pretty sensitive. Even just slight adjustments to the pressure or the temperature can cause problems with the system if taken too far. This is why they need constant maintenance and upkeep. Keeping them clean and properly serviced is important to their efficiency.

  5. The most common problems with air conditioning units are blown fuses, tripped breaks and blown capacitors. All of which need a good local AC repairman to fix and shouldn’t be attempted by the resident.

  6. If the copper lines in your system have frost or ice on them, this could indicate a problem that is not electrical.

  7. Ductless systems are often used to create temperature zones throughout a home. This means that each room could be a different temperature depending on the needs of the residents. This is quite an advanced type of system but very available and convenient.
  8. You could save money on your bill by programming the settings to have a least four different temperatures. One for when you wake up, one for when you’re gone all day, one for when you come home and one for when you are sleeping. This saves energy as well as money by allowing the air conditioning to work less when you are not needing it as much.

  9. The average home spends about $2000 a year on heating and cooling. This fact alone should make you look into programmable settings. A good quality system will help you spend less as well.

  10. While a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for the outdoors, that temperature will feel very cold inside. That’s because there is an eliminate of humidity outside that makes it feel warmer. An air conditioner removes all humidity so you’d probably feel the same at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit inside. Basically, temperature is not a consistent measurement. There are many variables to take into account.

If you live in a very hot climate, you should be grateful for your air conditioning unit. For centuries people have been trying to try cool and sometimes they could do it but sometimes they couldn’t. The fact hat air conditioning is available to everyone now is a huge step in the technological world and makes life a lot easier for everyone. Don’t take for granted what you have. It’s easy to not really think about how great air conditioning is and just let it do it’s thing. However, you will understand it’s wonderful gift if your air conditioning ever breaks down in the middle of summer and the repairman can’t get to you for a few days. Ensure that doesn’t happen by caring for your unit and making sure everything is kept up to date.

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