What are Concrete Shoring Systems?

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Updated: 1/27/2022

Apart from general construction tasks, one of the other responsibilities of contractors is to come up with concrete shoring system designs. These are structures that support the formwork system and construction loads. Failure to design and construct a proper concrete shoring system can lead to disasters at a construction site.

In some instances, this can even lead to catastrophic failure. This is why concrete shoring systems must only be designed by qualified and experienced formwork designers. Apart from coming up with shoring plans, they are also tasked with scheduling shore removal of matrix concrete shoring systems.

Most designers who design concrete shoring systems are professional engineers who work for the contractor. It’s also possible to have separate concrete providers or shoring manufacturers who only come in for that task. Concrete shoring systems are temporary structures that are designed to support both vertical and horizontal loads as construction is being carried out. For instance, part of the load can be fresh concrete, forms, and construction equipment.

They can even be used to support wind loads. When successfully installed, shoring systems can prevent the collapse of walls during construction. They can also be used to provide support to beams, concrete corer, and floors when walls are being removed. To get concrete shoring systems, you can search using terms like concrete companies in my area or nearest concrete company.

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Studies show that insulated concrete forms offer 20% more in energy savings that wooden structures. It is also more affordable, sturdy, and environmentally friendly when compared to many other construction materials. Concrete is typically composed of different types of sand and gravel. For concrete with a smoother finish, fine aggregate is used to supply a more pleasing texture.

Now that we understand a little bit about concrete, let us look at concrete shoring supports. These systems are used to support fresh concrete slabs during construction.
These concrete shoring systems are used to prevent the collapse of the wall or structure during construction. They can also be used to support beams and floors when a wall or column is being removed.
Shoring systems can also be used in trenches. In this application, concrete shoring systems are used to prevent the trench from falling in on itself. This system is very important to the safety of workers.
In addition to concrete shoring systems, scaffolding may also be used as a temporary support system.
Most shoring systems are created and used by concrete forming companies. They are an integral part of any project that will be using concrete. This can be as simple as the foundation of a home, or as complex as a high rise building.
Professionals using concrete shoring systems understand that there is a huge weight behind any concrete work. By using concrete shoring systems the concrete will be allowed to form properly and reach its maximum load strength. If concrete shoring systems are not used correctly, the concrete structure may exhibit strength problems, and may even fail all together.
When concrete shoring systems are used with trenches during a construction project, they can make sure than workers and machinery that are located in the trenches are properly protected. Concrete shoring systems can help ensure that the unstable side of the trench remain in place.
Professionals using these systems understand the intricacies of concrete and the reasons to use concrete shoring systems. So the next time you pass by a construction site, you will know what those concrete shoring systems are used for.

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