Four Ways Mirrored Closet Doors Can be a Great Addition to Your Bedroom

January 14, 2014 by No Comments

Mirrored closet doors

There are countless ways to renovate and upgrade your bedroom to make it both more comfortable and uniquely yours. While new paint, furniture, and bedding can all drastically impact the way a room looks and feels, installing mirrored doors, particularly on closets, is also a great option. In fact, there are several advantages to mirrored sliding door systems that you might not realize.

The Illusion of Space

At times, a small bedroom can be warm, cozy, and a great place to bundle up during a cold winter night. But if you have a small bedroom that makes you feel claustrophobic, then installing mirrored closet doors is a great idea. Mirrors create the illusion of space and while they aren’t going to add square footage to your bedroom, they can help make it feel larger and more open. That change can help make it easier to relax and lounge on lazy Sundays or after a long day at work.

Increase Natural Light

If your room is perpetually dark, even on bright sunny days, mirrored sliding doors can be a great addition. When they are placed across or at an angle from windows, they will reflect sunlight and can brighten up any room. Despite the fact that you might need to also install some thick curtains or blinds if you want your bedroom to remain a sanctuary for mid-day naps, the natural light can make it a much better place to read, relax, or even get some work done.

Save Space

Full-length mirrors are a must for many people — both men and women — who take pride in their appearance and dedicate time to getting ready every morning and before a night on the town. But free-standing ones take up a lot of space and in a small bedroom, the corner where they are often placed could be better used for an extra dresser or TV stand. By installing mirrored doors on the closet, you will be able to get a great view of yourself without having to waste space.

Easy Maintenance

Though you won’t have to spend much time cleaning closet doors of any material, mirrored ones might be the easiest. All you need is a bit of glass cleaner and some paper towels or a soft cloth to get rid of streaks and smudges. Plus, the glue from stickers and other tacky materials come off of glass easier than wood because they don’t tend to bond together.

Any time you are thinking of changing or trying to upgrade your bedroom, installing mirrored doors on closets is a good idea. They offer a number of benefits that traditional materials and options simply do not and have the ability to fit into virtually any design plan. So whether you want something contemporary or a classic look, mirrored doors can be a great addition. Read more here.

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