Wooden Shutters For Every Kind of Home

October 29, 2013 by No Comments

Blinds and shutters

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, with new and exciting trends coming out every single year. ArchitecturalDigest.com had a feature on October 25 about acclaimed designer Aerin Lauder’s newest book, “Beauty At Home,” which showed a number of her amazing style preferences and designs. Taking from resources like these, there are a number of ways that people could beautify the interior of their home.

One of the best things that people could use in the design of their home are wooden plantation shutters. Wooden plantation shutters are the epitome of beauty in simplicity. Like other types of shutters and blinds, they could help to drastically reduce the amount of head absorbed into a home.

Considering that approximately 70% of heat loss and gain can be attributed to their windows, investing in new shutters could do wonders for reducing ones heating bill.

Roller blinds and venetian are two of the other impressive options that a homeowner could take advantage of. Roller blinds are elegant, easy to clean and can successfully protect against sun glare and UV rays. Venetian blinds can last between seven to 10 years on average, maintaining a terrific look across the years.

From wooden plantation shutters to aluminum shutters, there are tons of fashionable and affordable options. No one that is sitting in a home that was last decorated in 1975 should feel like their homes look is hopeless. With so many options, every family can bring their home into the new millennium with style and class.

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