Call Heating and AC Services for Maintenance as Well as Repair

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Heating furnace repair

Did you know that by not servicing your HVAC system with regular maintenance, you could eventually require maintenance or a repair that could cost hundreds of dollars? If you want to avoid an unnecessarily high heating and AC repair bill, then you should first learn the basic items which require maintenance, and what the average consequences are for not making efforts to keep your HVAC in good order.

  • Air conditioning repairs.
  • About every two months, your air filter in a central HVAC system should be changed. Also, at a bare minimum, the air conditioning coils and blower need to be cleaned, and refrigerant levels need to be checked before the summer months. Neglecting to either make these maintenance checks for yourself, or hire someone who can, might start to cause damage to the electrical workings in your HVAC. Air conditioning repair costs on average are between $400 and $600. If it turns out that you need repairs, ask for a referral from friends and family, or look online. Note that you might have the a situation where the heating and AC repair service tells you that you need heat pump repair for your air conditioning. Do not write your service person off as a fraud! The heat pump repair in HVAC actually contributes to both heating and cooling elements.

  • Heat repair.

  • Most heating repair becomes necessary when there is
    a malfunction in the mechanical or electrical elements due to a lack of cleaning or maintenance. Besides a lack of maintenance adding up to a costly repair bill, you could also experience poor air quality, and an aggravation of asthma or other respiratory issues. At a minimum in the fall, the burner assembly should be cleaned, the pilot light should be cleaned and adjusted, and gas leaks should be checked for. Heating repair service tends to cost between $200 and $400.

Approximately 87% of households had some form of air conditioning as of 2012. If you need heating and AC repair, then you should have little trouble finding a company or service person in your area that can help. However, to keep your bill as manageable as possible, remember to hire a quality company to have your HVAC properly maintained twice a year. More can be found here.

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