A Painting Company that Cares

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Sharper impressions

Sharper Impressions painting company provides services to more than thousands of houses each year. Their experience and history and with low VOC paints comes as part of their concern in becoming good stewards of the environment.

The office of Sharper Impressions is essentially a showroom for the green and energy conscious efforts that they support. In fact they maintain a certificate of carbon offsets for their site. This helps to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions. Sharper Impressions uses a number of other means to reduce energy use, such as installing skylights for the office so they can reduce electricity usage and get rid of some of their interior lighting. In fact, since Sharper impressions is acutely aware of ways to ensure green initiatives, they installed bee boxes to counteract issues resulting from Colony Collapse Disorder. On the inside, they use recycled materials for printing, and have become virtually paper free for internal needs. They have successfully offset over 40 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

All of these environmental upgrades represent the significant steps that Sharper Impressions takes on behalf of their clients. For example, they consistently use low VOC paints, those with limited volatile organic chemicals. The VOCs are emitted as the paint dries and have been linked to health issues including cancer. By using paints that are low VOC, they minimize the health risks to painters, residents, pets and to the environment in general.

All of these efforts point to a cumulative effort to provide customers with the best experience and guarantees for their projects. This has led to considerable satisfaction and an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau in the community. Sharper impressions is also a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America association. This helps insure that you will have painters working in your home or business that have received some of the best industry knowledge and training so that ultimately you will enjoy your project from Sharper Impressions.

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