Chim Chiminey Safety

February 7, 2013 by No Comments

Chimney caps

Installation of chimney liners, chimney covers, and chimney caps can help maintain your chimneys integrity, and therefore the safety of your home. In fact, creosote fires, which result from unkempt, dirty chimneys, result in 15,000 home fires a year. This devastation can be avoided by taking the appropriate preventative measures.

Before the development of the modern chimney, homes that utilized chimneys were restricted to one story dwellings. This was because there was no way to contain the potentially dangerous smoke from a fire. Today, residential chimneys are typically one of two varieties. Metal and mason. Regardless of the chimney type, every chimney must have components that ensure its safe operation. Chimney caps, which prevent weather elements, animals, and birds from entering your chimney is a given. In addition to chimney caps, chimney flue liners, such as steel chimney liners, are also necessary. These protect the chimney walls from being corroded by the moisture from flue gases. A properly operating chimney liner achieves this by redirected the combustible and hazardous gasses up the flue and to the outside atmosphere.

The largest freestanding chimney in the world is in Montana, and stands at a whopping 585 feet. Understandably, the flue, chimney liners, and chimney caps for these types of industrial chimneys are far more intricate than the chimney caps for your residential chimney. Regardless, professional installation of chimney caps and chimney liners will add integrity to your chimney to ensure the safety of your home.

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