Choosing a DITY Move

August 25, 2012 by No Comments

Military moving options

If you are faced with a new assignment as a military family, a DITY move is an option that many people in your situation find attractive. Why people might choose a do it yourself, or DITY move, over the standard full-service military move may seem strange at first, but the financial rewards can potentially make the hassle worth it. You see, a military DITY move offers the family in question a certain set amount of reimbursement monies once the move is completed. If the amount of your reimbursement check is more than the amount of money it cost you to move, you get to keep the difference to spend on anything you like.

This amount is determined by both the rank of the enlisted family member and the distance that one intends to move, so make sure that both are kept in mind as you go forward. Once you have these facts in mind, find an up to date DITY move calculator online that can determine how much you can expect to receive from the military in a reimbursement check once you arrive at your new destination. From there, run the numbers to determine whether or not there may be enough potential overage to be worth the hassle.

Look over the various options for vehicle rentals and any necessary moving services that you might want or need to help you complete your DITY move, and then subtract that number from the amount of your DITY move reimbursement check. If that number is a goodly sum, make sure that the proper authorities are notified of your intention to undertake a DITY move as soon as possible for best results. Make sure that you keep everything organized and efficient as your DITY move progresses, and hopefully all should work out well in the end!

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